Aquatic seeding breeding base

Group’s aquatic seeding breeding base locals in Jinling town,Nanning city.It is a seed selection breeding project cooperate with National seed multiplication farm(Nanning).It supplies stable and reliable seeding for tilapia farmers in Guangxi or surrounding area with large quantity and high quality. 

Aquatic breeding bases

Baiyang has established more than ten large-scale breeding bases in Nanning,Guiping,Baise and Fangchenggang with the standard of export record base.All bases are culture specialization,standardization,scalization., and supply some services of demonstration,technique and purchase for farmer through the mode of “company cooperate with base and farmer”and dominance of industrial chain.All of these are guided tens of thousands farmer in Guangxi and Guangdong to fortune directly,promoted local aquaculture level and fishery economy.


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